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Job introduction

Introduction of 11 different types of jobs and
a variety of duties which supporting USJC.
Technology development Engineer It is to develop the design environment such as the process design kit (PDK), the SPICE model of the transistor, the basic components used in the CPU and memory, etc., which are essential for designing the customer's LSI.  
Process development engineer It involves the development of semiconductor manufacturing processes, such as the process of forming a uniform film on a silicon substrate, the process of creating electronic circuit patterns on a silicon substrate using photographic technology, and the process of implanting ions into a silicon substrate. Interview
Production technology engineer It is to brush up the manufacturing processe which evelopment engineer developed and put it into the production line, control and improve the stability of the product supply, cost reduction, delivery time and quality. Interview
Manufacturing equipment engineer It is the work of improving the quality of the entire production line, such as equipment improvement, productivity improvement, cost reduction, data analysis, etc., while maintaining the operation of the equipment. It also develops specifications for the installation, installation and commissioning of equipment, and supports the production of the factory. Interview
IT engineer Smart manufacturing is the process of supporting more efficient manufacturing, designing, building, and operating the company's core systems and infrastructure. Interview
Facilities management engineer It is to support semiconductor plant operations as a team of experts in the engineering of energy infrastructure, clean rooms, and water treatment plants, as well as plant environmental management. Interview
Customer engineer It's the job of connecting both domestic and oversea customers and factories with technology and quality, and improving the productivity of customers' products.  
Quality assurance engineer Our mission is to ensure quality reliability and provide highly reliable semiconductors at all stages, from development and design to mass production and post-delivery.  
Manufacturing operator The process of creating a circuit on a semiconductor wafer is performed by computer control, or to verify that it is manufactured according to the procedure. We also confirm if there is any scratch through product equipment inspection or inspection equipment, etc. Interview
Equipment maintainer If there is a malfunction in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment, we will investigate the cause and repair the malfunctioning unit. It is our responsibility for regular inspections and maintenance, to keep the stable operation and support the stable production of the line. Interview
Dynamic maintenance operator This work supports the operation of semiconductor plants operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in a wide range of specialized fields, including maintenance and repair of water treatment plant facilities, electricity, gas, and other infrastructure facilities, as well as periodic and legal inspections of electrical, fire prevention, and building facilities. Interview

Job Categories and Majors and Aptitudes

Job Categories Majors and Aptitudes Workplace
Machine Physics Information Others
Technology development Engineer Headquarters in Yokohama
Process development engineer Plant in Mie
Production technology engineer Plant in Mie
Manufacturing equipment engineer Plant in Mie
IT engineer Headquarters in Yokohama
Plant in Mie
Facilities management engineer Plant in Mie
Quality assurance engineer Plant in Mie
Customer engineer Headquarters in Yokohama
Plant in Mie

※The subject department lists enrolled employees as a guide for considering desired positions.